Rock Crawler

Hey all,

I’m a creator of Rock Crawler game which will go live very soon. In this blog I will inform you about the development process and roadmap, will answer your questions etc.

About the game

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 17.39.11

This is a racing-runner game where you drive a 4WD offroader through a randomly generated cross-country with pre-made pieces, climbing on rocks and cliffs. The killer feature of the game is big inflatable soft wheels which allow the car to climb on a really craggy rocks! After each race you get some money and experience. Stuff you can upgrade:
1. Tyres (improve friction)
2. Hull (reduces center of mass + cool view)
3. Engine (increase torque)
4. Protection (increase car’s health)
5. Fuel tank (increases the time between refueling)
The terrain becomes harder and harder while you upgrade your off-roader.


About me

I’m an indie developer since 2006. I’ve created dozens of flash games in the past for, and many other flash portals, released several self-sponsored games, the most known is Jelly Cannon. Another flash games that may deserve your attention are Sticky Blobs and Blob Thrower .  As for mobile games, I created Jelly Cannon Reloaded in collaboration with Nickelodeon, unfortunately, the game has been removed from stores by now.  Another mobile games of mine are Sticky Blobs (iOS and Android) and Maidan: Revolution for Android (App Store has not approved this game because of hurting the murderer Putin on the last level :) ).

After creating several game prototypes I finally came to Rock Crawler. I saw that the soft wheels mechanics looks interesting and addicting. Here’s what I have for now:

On later stages of the development I decided to add multiplayer to this game. Now I have to decide:

1. Release multiplayer only game
2. Release a game with single- and multiplayer modes (in both modes you can earn money and upgrade your offroader, but in multiplayer you get significantly more money and can enter higher leagues)

Beta testing will begin shortly and I’ll make my decision based on the feedback.